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Top reasons to give massage therapy gift certificates this season

Massage therapy is an appropriate gift for almost everyone, from family members, loved ones, friends, coworkers. It is a kind sign that you are thinking about their health and well being. The ones that receive massage sessions regularly will much appreciate your massage therapy gift and the ones that never had one, will have an open door and one more reason to try it.
After the rush to get things done before the end of the year, gift- finding, cooking for the family and friends, traveling and partying, a good relaxation massage is calming for the nervous system and tight muscles. Top massage modalities to choose from include: deep tissue massage, thai yoga massage, hot stone therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, prenatal.  
The ones that feel more courageous can turn your gift certificate in a posture alignment session that benefits not only the alignment of the bones and fascia but alleviates chronic pain.
Everyone on your list will appreciate your massage therapy gift this Holiday season.

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Interview with George and Alina Tudor on Lewes Public Library Talk 


Watch “Lewes public library presentation. #Posture Alignment #Masssge #Movement Awareness #Feldenkrais” on YouTube

Mmm you guys are pretty active this year.
You started your Summer pretty active with a public presentation at Lewes Library following your new Studio opening- Rehoboth Massage and Alignment.
   What was the purpose for the Lewes Public Library talk?  
   The purpose of our presentation was to increase awareness in people of Lewes community of the choices they can make in and with their bodies-
 -said Alina Tudor, Massage Therapist, Structural Integration practitioner and Felderkrais Awareness Through Movement study program member.
  And then George Tudor Massage Therapist, co-founder of Rehoboth Massage and Alignment with Alina Tudor followed up saing:
    In my experience of over thirteen years of massage and bodywork, I ran into a lot of cases where my clients needed more than just a regular deep tissue or sweedish.
   In my following training I included forms like Thai Yoga Massage/Shiatsu where I understood the role of meridians and the ways to use pressure when massaging the body.
  I was so happy when through my research I came across Tom Myers and Ida Rolf’s work.

  I choose Tom Myers school KMI Kinesis Myofascial Integration. The reason was obvious since his work is combining Myofascial release and bodywork with Ida Rolf’s discoveries on Fascia but finally explaining the connection between fascial planes also called fascia meridians.

     Great achievement when you find the missing link between massage as a modern form to relax and rejuvenate the body with the ancient system of meridians.
And this is what our posture alignment- as we call our work -does.
We see the human body as a complex made of movement/movement habits, fascia systems in movement.
So this is where the last step of our adventure took us into. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement is a great addition to our practice, giving us the opportunity to work with the nervous system as well and a great follow up for people who have benefited from the Structural Integration 12 sessions work.
     Given this with our experience right now, we are able to work with a wider variety of clients.
     The program we promote can take a client from massage types to a whole wide range of fascia bodywork giving him the experience of a new posture, balance and movement in the same time.
     Starting with Massage and bodywork we can continue with better posture with Structural Integration and teach you the ease and awareness of your movement with the Felderkrais method.
     A great actor in Awareness through movement  method would be that body that can be aware of his own body movements being able to change them any time as one wishes to.
– That would be the great freedom we offer to our body right?
Wouldn’t that be a change in our habits too?
So what would your goal be in the next?
  To help and change the bodies of our clients said Alina and to offer this for people in our community interested in it, said  George.

For more information please visit our website here

rehoboth massage  

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Meet Barbara

Barbara Rynkowski has danced competitively since 2008. She recently competed in St Pete Florida at the Superstar Championships and placed in Smooth (Waltz Tango Foxtrot & V Waltz) and the Latin (Cha Cha Samba Rumba Paso & Jive). Her classes are all about having fun. She has developed line dances incorporating the ballroom steps so you do not need a partner to join the class. If a wedding is in your future you may want to sign up for a private class.
Barbara will start teaching dance classes at our new location as soon as we open. Children classes will also be available.

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Meet Renee

Beginner and Intermediate Yoga & Meditation Instruction Classes will soon be available at our new location

Renee Kinney is a Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She teaches a slower, deliberate kind of Yoga, a blend of Kripalu and Yin style, which allows the participant to go inside. Basic postures are broken down so it’s great for beginners & intermediates. Renee will show adaptations for advanced students to still enjoy the flow. Meditation, breath work, & relaxation are always part of the class. Renee will do 60, 75, or 90 minute classes.

Find more information about Renee here at rehoboth massage .

The Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Method®

The Feldenkrais Method engages the power of the brain to improve your physical comfort and sense of well-being. It is beneficial and appropriate for people at all ages and abilities. Safe,  non-strenuous and immediately effective,the Feldenkrais Method can make everything you do easier and more comfortable.
Awareness Through Movement
The Feldenkrais exercises are called Awareness Through Movement® lessons.
Awareness Through Movement® works by changing the messages that your brain sends to your musculature, creating new options for movement, health and vitality. Contrary to popular belief, your brain and nervous system-not your muscles-determine the health of your posture, and the ease and comfort of your movement.
When you do Awareness Through Movement®, your brain has the opportunity to discover the most efficient and comfortable way to organize your movement.
You will enjoy
relief from paintension and discomfortenhance your flexibilityease of movementrelaxationefficient posture

The benefits include:
Relief  from muscular-skeletal and joint painRelief from discomfort through your body, including your back, neck, shoulders, hips,knees,feet, hands, pelvis and jawImproved flexibility and quality of movementImproved standing and sitting postureReduced muscular tension stress and anxietyRenewed vitality, health and emotional well-beingGreater ease and pleasure in all your physical activitiesRefined artistic and athletic performanceReduced muscular effort and improved muscular efficiencyRestoration of lost function due to neurological issues such as multiple sclerosis and strokeImproved ease of movement and coordinationImproved mood and energy levelsImproved breathingImproved self-image and sense of well-beingQuick recovery from injury and surgeryImproved health and mobility of your jointsBetter stability and balanceHealthy aging and increased brain fitnessImproved ability to relax and sleepReduced inflammation and improved circulationA life long tool for health and improvement

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