The Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Method®

The Feldenkrais Method engages the power of the brain to improve your physical comfort and sense of well-being. It is beneficial and appropriate for people at all ages and abilities. Safe,  non-strenuous and immediately effective,the Feldenkrais Method can make everything you do easier and more comfortable.
Awareness Through Movement
The Feldenkrais exercises are called Awareness Through Movement® lessons.
Awareness Through Movement® works by changing the messages that your brain sends to your musculature, creating new options for movement, health and vitality. Contrary to popular belief, your brain and nervous system-not your muscles-determine the health of your posture, and the ease and comfort of your movement.
When you do Awareness Through Movement®, your brain has the opportunity to discover the most efficient and comfortable way to organize your movement.
You will enjoy
relief from paintension and discomfortenhance your flexibilityease of movementrelaxationefficient posture

The benefits include:
Relief  from muscular-skeletal and joint painRelief from discomfort through your body, including your back, neck, shoulders, hips,knees,feet, hands, pelvis and jawImproved flexibility and quality of movementImproved standing and sitting postureReduced muscular tension stress and anxietyRenewed vitality, health and emotional well-beingGreater ease and pleasure in all your physical activitiesRefined artistic and athletic performanceReduced muscular effort and improved muscular efficiencyRestoration of lost function due to neurological issues such as multiple sclerosis and strokeImproved ease of movement and coordinationImproved mood and energy levelsImproved breathingImproved self-image and sense of well-beingQuick recovery from injury and surgeryImproved health and mobility of your jointsBetter stability and balanceHealthy aging and increased brain fitnessImproved ability to relax and sleepReduced inflammation and improved circulationA life long tool for health and improvement

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